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Sailing in Greece…the first sailing cruise of 2015

Beautiful spring poppies and other colourful flowers welcomed the first crews to Greece for the start of our sailing season of 2015. As the summer kicks in, it gets so hot in Greece that these flowers wither away so it was a nice treat to see beautiful  colours aside from the Aegean sea blue and Cyclades blue of course!  Leaving Athens, our sailing cruise and flotilla headed into cool sparkling seas with two boats. Onboard, our Ocean Star 56.1 Posseidon, were Chiropractors coming from an international conference in Athens. Onboard Melia an Oceanis 43, was a family from San Francisco with our resident skipper Stephanos at the helm. Glorious weather and light sailing was enjoyed each day, and although the water was cool as it’s May, everyone swam! Food is such an important part of our trip and we quite literally eat our way through the islands at places such as Kristina’s in Hydra where we ate a selection of yummy mezze style foods of saganaki cheese, dolmades, and of course a classically great Greek salad! Once we left the Saronic Gulf we headed to Kythnos, a Cycladic island where everyone enjoyed chill-out time and relaxation in the natural thermal beach hot tubs.  The week ended too soon back in Athens, but unlike the flowers, the memories will of course last a lifetime!


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