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Sailing in Greece…lots of wind and smiles!

We’re now well into our season and we’ve sailed with a fantastic fun bunch of people. It’s been a joy to be back on our flagship, Christianna VIII, her wonderful newly painted dark blue hull, really is a beauty in the harbors at 60ft on deck. Christianna must have brought us good luck too as we caught a huge yellow fin tuna on the way to Kithnos…enough to feed everyone on the flotilla! Last week, we had a lot of wind in the central Cyclades meaning we had to tweak the itinerary a little bit, but that is always part of the joy of sailing, and in our opinion replacing Mykonos with Syros is a win win anyway. The architecture and cobbled streets of Syros are charming and meandering through the streets smelling the bougainvillea creates an unforgettable memory. We’ve now just left Athens again and are heading to Poros at the start of another two week trip with a group of friends from the United States. Who knows what the weather has in store for us this trip? One thing is for sure, the sun will shine, the people will smile and we are pleased as always to be helping Greece; we thank those who book with us for not always believing what they read in the media and still travel to Greece to see how beautiful and safe it really is.

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