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Sailing in Greece 2019

Kalimera from Greece and the start of our 2019 sailing season. We’re over halfway through our first week and Greece has greeted us with the vivid colours of an artists summer canvas. Everything is rich in hues as late spring rain has saturated the earth and brought out vibrant vegetation.The jasmine bushes permeate the air and pink, orange and red bougainvillea dance like butterflies in the light breeze.

The backdrop of deep blue sea and sky followed by incredibly red sunsets has taken our sailors by surprise. Great sailing legs have taken us from Athens up to see the maginificent Classical temple of Aphaia on Aegina island, onto the wonderful island of Poros and Garden Taverna for some traditional Greek comfort food where a live bouzouki band amplified echoed across the bay celebrating a wedding. The sites sounds and smells of Greece have set the stage for an incredible travel experience only the Greek islands can offer!

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