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Hello from French Polynesia

Ia Orana everyone! The countdown to our first flotilla in French Polynesian was a long one…years in the making in fact! We decided about 3 years ago that we would add to our Greece and Croatia summer destinations and set out to find a fantastic winter flotilla destination. We considered the BVI’s again but decided to stretch our wings a lot further and for the past week, 3 catamarans plus the lead flotilla catamaran with cabin charter guests have been enjoying the turquoise waters of the Society Island chain in French Polynesia. Led by our very own Steven Parry, the flotilla has included cultural excursions such as pearl farms, vanilla plantations and ancient ceremonial sites. Remote motus have been visited for lunch, and coral gardens teaming with fish have circled the amazed snorkelers every day. The wifi signal has been almost none existent so it’s been a real escape for the group but a few images have started slowing getting out from the Poseidon crew and I’m sure there will be more to follow at the end of the trip on 31st March. Enjoy the last 4 days everyone!

Hello from French Polynesia

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