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Cabin charter in Greece headed to Milos

Greetings from our cabin charter boat in Greece where, we’ve been busy sailing and touring the islands since the beginning of June. This week we visited a very old friend of ours – the island of Milos.  The weather has prevented us going for a few years but this trip the stars and wind aligned and we travelled 135 degrees for 58 miles to the incredible island of Milos. Geologically much older than the rest of the Cyclades, the collapsed 6-mile round caldera is made up largely of compressed volcanic fallout, chalk and pumice and the island is in a continual metamorphosis from both wind and sea erosion. Our anchorage for the night was ‘Kleftiko bay’ derived from the word Kleptomania – to steal, as this was a pirate hang-out over the centuries of Ottoman occupation.  This area is riddled with marvellous sea caves forged by relentless waves in the winter months as well as some carved out by pirates of the past. On our journey to Milos we trolled a fishing line and looked out for dolphins. There were no bites until we dropped the sails and then the reel buzzed for over a minute, as a powerful fish took the lure. After 45 minutes we landed the biggest yellowfin tuna we have ever caught in our 26 years guiding guests through the Aegean – WOW!  The BBQ that night was magical and with a calm sea and light northerly winds, guests thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of snorkelling through the echoing caves, and star gazing late into the evening. Milos is a Mediterranean marvel and we love it.

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